Tire Pressure Checks 101

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Getting the best performance from your car can be challenging, as there are many factors affecting your car’s performance in the first place. One of the biggest of those factors is tire pressure—if your car’s tire pressure is off, then you will likely experience worse performance, worse gas mileage, and increased wear and tear. Our team at Landrum Lube is here to help you keep your car in great condition, and one of the ways we do that is by offering tire pressure checks. In this article, we’ll provide more information about tire pressure checks and why you might want to have them done by experienced professionals.

Tire Pressure Checks 101

• Why You Need Regular Tire Pressure Checks – There are several reasons why it’s important to check your tire pressure. As we mentioned above, if the tire pressure is too low, your car will have to work harder to move, resulting in worse performance and lower gas mileage. The tires will also wear out faster, which means you’ll have to get them replaced sooner than planned.

• How to Do Your Own Tire Pressure Checks – If you want to keep an eye on your tire pressure, you can pick up a tire pressure gauge for a few dollars at any auto parts store. To check it, simply unscrew the cap on your tires, then place the gauge’s head against the valve stem. The air pressure will force the measurement tab out of the gauge shaft, and the number it lands on reflects the current level of air pressure in your tires.

• Reasons to Get Professional Tire Pressure Checks – While the simple tire pressure gauges we mentioned above offer a quick and easy way to check on your tire’s pressure, these gauges are not the most accurate. If you want to make absolutely sure your car’s tires are properly inflated, we encourage you to have us perform a tire pressure check for you. We use highly accurate digital pressure gauges, and we can inflate your tires to the perfect level of pressure.