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We offer effective, reliable, and convenient oil change services to help you take the best care of your vehicle.

In order to keep your car running properly, you will need to get the oil changed periodically. Your car’s oil helps lubricate the moving parts of the engine, reducing friction and reducing the risk of the car overheating. However, over time the oil in your car will become clogged with dirt and other gunk, which will make it less effective at this task, and when that happens, you will need to replace it with fresh oil. In our experience here at Landrum Lube, many drivers have been taught how to change their own oil at least once, but not everyone has the time to take care of this task in a timely manner. If you don’t have the time to change your own oil, or you simply don’t want to do it yourself (the process is very messy, so we don’t blame you), you can turn to our team to get the professional oil change services you need.

Oil Change Services in Landrum, South Carolina

Because our team specializes in automotive lubrication, we have performed countless oil changes over the years. We have the right knowledge and experience to get the job done right every time, and we can also get it done much faster than you could do it on your own. If you are looking for effective, reliable, and convenient oil change services, simply turn to our team.

Our team is proud to serve the community here in Landrum, South Carolina, and we want to help you take the best care of your vehicle. If you need oil change services, we encourage you to give us a call or stop by our shop to get the expert assistance you deserve.

FAQs About Oil Change Services

At Landrum Lube, we provide a wide range of lubrication services to help keep your vehicle in top condition. Our oil change services are designed to be as convenient and straightforward as possible, but we understand that some people still have questions. Below, you’ll find answers to a few of the common inquiries we get. We also encourage you to contact us directly if you don’t see the answer to your question here!


How often do I really need oil change services?

The recommended schedule will depend on factors like the age of your car, your frequent driving conditions, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, the general guideline is every 3,000 to 5,000 miles if you use conventional oil. Those who use synthetic oil can often go longer without it needing to be changed. Our team is happy to make recommendations for the ideal schedule for your vehicle.

How can I tell if my car needs oil change services?

Many vehicles have an indicator light that tells you when you need to schedule oil change services. You may also notice that your engine gets noisier and your fuel efficiency decreases if it’s been too long between services. If you’re comfortable checking the oil dipstick, you can check to see if the oil is dark, smelly, or dirty, all of which indicate it needs to be changed.

What’s the usual timeframe for oil change services?
An oil change typically only takes about 15 to 30 minutes, but you may need to wait longer if you haven’t scheduled an appointment.
Can you replace my oil filter during oil change services?
Absolutely. We perform oil filter changes with every oil change we do, and we can also change most engine air filters as well if you’d like us to.
Do I have to use the manufacturer-recommended oil?
We can discuss the feasibility of other options if you like, and you can count on us for an honest assessment, but it’s always safest to use the recommended oil type.

At Landrum Lube, we are proud to offer oil change services to customers from Landrum and Campobello, South Carolina, as well as Columbus and Tryon, North Carolina.


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