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Enjoy enhanced engine performance with a synthetic blend oil change.

Regular oil changes are very important to your vehicle for a number of reasons. Without oil changes, your vehicle’s oil will become increasingly contaminated with dirt, which can damage the engine parts and reduce fuel efficiency. As a result, your engine will not perform as well and your car’s longevity will be affected. Because a vehicle is an important investment you should protect, it’s in your best interests to keep up with oil changes when they are needed.

Synthetic Blend Oil Change in Landrum, South Carolina

What some drivers may not know is there are different types of oil that can replace the old oil in your car. Some offer better performance than others, and synthetic blend oil is among the better ones. A synthetic blend oil change will improve your vehicle’s fuel economy significantly at a reasonable price.

Synthetic blend oil is a mixture of synthetic oil, which has been chemically engineered in a lab or more highly refined to have fewer impurities than conventional oil, which is refined from crude oil extracted from the earth. Synthetic blend oil provides resistance to oxidation and excellent protection at extremely high temperatures. In addition, it’s more affordable than synthetic oil while also having a better life than conventional oil, which must be changed more frequently. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our base oil service includes synthetic blend oil which all newer vehicles use, unless your vehicle requires full synthetic oil. To boost your engine’s performance and enjoy other advantages, turn to our experts at Landrum Lube. We have over 25 years of experience serving Landrum, South Carolina, and we’re here to answer your questions if you want to learn more about synthetic blend oil changes. Contact us today.

At Landrum Lube, we are proud to offer synthetic blend oil change services to customers from Landrum and Campobello, South Carolina, as well as Columbus and Tryon, North Carolina.